Proficient Sod Installation and Affordable Turf Grass Repair Services

Installation - Turf Grass

For efficient sod installation, and low-cost grass repairs, turn to Green Side Up Sod Services in Ocala, Florida, today. We provide four types of sod to beautify your lawn or garden. The types of grass that we offer include the following:

• Argentine Bahia
• Bitter Blue
• St. Augustine Floratam
• Cantiped
• Floratam
• Palmetto
• Empire Zoysia

*Call for truck load pricings on all our Sod Products. (352) 433-4063

Sod Installation Process

Let our skilled sod installers help you spruce up your lawn. We first kill the old grass in your yard, and then cut it. After this, we level the ground and apply sod fertilizer. We then deliver your required length of sod, and use a power roller to easily and evenly put the grass on your lawn. Our installation services usually last for two days. Our installation services come with a warranty.

Sod Grass Care Guidelines

Before the job is done, we make sure you have the proper guidelines to care for your newly installed sod. To allow the sod to root properly, we advise you to water the grass half-an-hour in the morning, and early in the afternoon, for at least three weeks. We advise you to allow at least 30 days before mowing your lawn.

Sod Delivery and Pricing

At our company, we give you the best deals for orders of sod in large amounts. Get in touch with us as well, for free estimates of our services. Sod delivery by truck is a package only available when you acquire our sod installation services.


Fix uneven growth of grass in your lawn in an instant. We patch repairs in the irregular sections of your yard by putting new sod over it. We also do seeding using the same type of grass that you currently use for your lawn.

Contact us in Ocala, Florida, to learn more about our prompt sod installation, and economical turf grass repair services.